• Zachary Schnitzer

Creative Evolution Part 2: The CitiFitZ Anywhere Desk

When creating a new design, I start with a hand drawing. Even if it’s just scribbles on a piece of paper with random notes talking about different ideas and aspects of the project, it always feels good to get it on paper first.

However, sometimes it’s helpful to see the piece in a 3-dimensional view to get a sense of whether my drawing is heading in the right direction. I also need to make some preliminary design decisions about colors and tones that will work with a new piece. Coloring my sketches by hand is certainly an option, but it takes too much time. I use a design program on my computer called Fusion 360 to experiment with every new project.

CAD (Computer-aided Design) systems are good for determining exact measurements, the proportions for my work and early visualizations of the finished piece. It’s a complicated program and if you are not tech savvy, it is not that easy to fit the pieces and lines together to bring what’s in your head closer to reality. Sometimes the program actually constricts the design process for more complicated projects. Sometimes it is difficult to convey your design with just a CAD design or just a hand drawing, so for me, it's better to try both and determine which is best for what I’m trying to achieve. Every craftsman has their own process and these are merely my personal preferences. I also get tired of using digital design tools and jump back into an emphasis on designing by hand.

From the perspective of a high-end furniture business person, CADs are invaluable for presenting ideas and options to clients. Not everyone has the creative eye to envision a project from sketches to fruition, so for those clients, CADs are the answer.

I am reposting my early hand sketch of The Anywhere Desk that I shared in last week’s Blog #1, and adding several early CAD representations based on those sketches. In person, I can rotate and flip the design for different perspectives, but for this blog, I have used static images.

Next week, I will share how I create “Cut Lists” that allow me to start preparing supplies and components I need to start building The Anywhere Desk and helping you create "Beautiful living with the space you've got!"