• Zachary Schnitzer

Creative Evolution: The CitiFitZ Anywhere Desk

When I first moved into my apartment in Brooklyn, I wanted a new drafting table. But I really didn’t want it to be out in the open when I wasn’t working. Ideally, I wanted to store it in my closet when I wasn’t using it. However, my closet is a very specific shape and size. Therefore, in my original creative ideas I sketched out, I had the table folding to fit in my closet.

Functionally, I also wanted it to have a decent sized drawer that would stay shut and not add too much weight to the finished piece. Aesthetically, I wanted to add a design element to the way I secured the drawer to the desk, which included using many wooden pegs to mount the drawer to the table top. The pegs holding the drawer would show through and be flush with the top, thus creating an unusual border design. At this point, my creative concept was moving from being just a drafting table to being a cool new, space-efficient desk.

Originally, I was going to have a separate top to pull up that could be angled for drafting purposes and a built-in pencil holder. But as the work moved from drafting table to desk, I decided to table those features (no pun intended) for the time being.

In this blog, I am sharing photos of my earliest sketches and a few of my full-scale sketches that I use before selecting and cutting any materials. I also use CAD technology to create virtual 3D images of how the finished product might look. But as I work with wood by hand, I really like doing much of my sketching by hand as well.

In next week’s blog, I will share some of the computer-generated sketches that I created for the Anywhere Desk as well as my “Cut List” and other preparatory steps.

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Have a great week and may you bring your own creativity to whatever you do.

"Design Is a Journey of Discovery." - Derek Parker